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Productivity is the art and science of optimally allocating your basic resources (time, energy, attention) to achieve the goals that are most important to you and live your values.

When are you done?

The simple answer is: never. Circumstances keep changing and there’s always room to grow.

But if I try to answer anyway: when you’re happy with the amount and quality of work that you’re putting into your projects, and when those projects are the ones that best represents your life goals and values.

At that point - you’ve reached GTD nirvana and you should focus mostly on task execution and goal-management.

Mental state


Learning should be goal oriented

Yudkowsky calls this “something to protect”. I think it’s simply studying with a goal or a specific idea in mind. Examples:

  • When you’re reading a codebase, give yourself a mission, don’t just go over it.
  • When you’re reading a book, ask critical questions or have something you

This forces you to interact, become active in the learning process, and actively seek knowledge instead of letting it wash over you. This is the fuel that drives your learning when curiosity fades (which is natural as you spend more time in the boring details of something or get used to it)