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A beginner’s understanding of Mindfulness

  • Background
    • I’ve read a couple of books before
    • Do it with friends
      • friends who’ve been on retreats
      • Friends who’re learning from the same material as you
  • Sam’s app review
    • Not resonsive
    • The content is overall good. It
  • What is meditation, and what are its goals
    • What it’s not: thinking about nothing / falling asleep
    • What it is: concentrating on your senses and thoughts, listening to your mind, glimpsing the truth
    • Goals: use as a tool.
      • Reduce suffering
  • What are we really training here
    • Concentration
    • releasing the ego
  • Insights gained
    • How I found the lack of ego
    • recursion of viewer
  • Unanswered questions:
    • Why are we using this selectively
    • personal responsibility
  • Glossary: Vipassana, selflessness, non-duality, mindfulness, meditation